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Thailand and Myanmar Travel

Delivering water casks in Yangon

Delivering water casks to a market for sale in the major city, Yangon. To make merit families also fill casks with water and leave them along the side of the road for strangers to quench their thirst.


Yangon temple in Myanmar


Young Monk. Myanmar.


Thanaka on the face for sun protection. Ground from a tree. Worn commonly by young and old.


Myanmar. Rivers and canals are still relied upon for transportation and agriculture.


Bagan, Myanmar. Thousands of temples. Arid landscape until rainy season arrives.


Temple complexes are huge. In Myanmar you must take off your shoes and socks in the most sacred areas


And you must have your shoulders and knees covered once inside the walls.


Children keeping themselves busy in a village in the northern hills while their mothers weave and sell their products.

Oxen are used throughout the Myanmar countryside

Oxen are used throughout the Myanmar countryside


Children are expected to help out too.

a two story home with bamboo siding

Typical House. They use the local plants for everything. This house utilized bamboo others utilized palms.

Mount Popa monastery

Mount Popa monastery

water cask  hauled by oxen

Water casks are hauled in carts by oxen from the town well back to the village after the work on the farm is done for the day.


Myanmar. Roofing a seasonal house. A family was building a house closer to their fields. They will move back to the village when they can not grow crops during the rainy season.


Myanmar Temple

  1. Travel lover permalink

    me too– more of travel person and these are incredible photos (says me, a photographer) — i feel like i’ve traveled with you…keep sharing please!…kb

    • I am trying. Hope you saw the ones of Morocco that I have been posting recently. So many and I want to do justice to the country and our tour company.

  2. Anonymous permalink

    I’m more of a travel person than a dog lover. Myanmar and its millions of gold leaf temples was a good trip for this P.M.

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