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NH Orchard Surviving



Blizzard 2015 Hollis, NH



I let the puppy out through the dog dog and BAM she plowed right into 18 inches of snow. No problem for an athletic, outdoorsy Labrador retriever.. Ketli leaped up and down through the snow to the yard and then back again making a path for her 2 older siblings, 2 elderly golden retrievers.Later in the day I shoveled off the porch. Luckily the snow was light so I could just push some off.

Then later after another foot of snow there was the stomping around in snow shoes to clear the oil pipe for oil delivery and the climbing up and over a garden and a couple of pails of sand to make a path for any oil delivery that might need to happen. Lorden Oil I hope you are happy.



Excuse the dumb photo of Kelti sitting in front of the snowplow pile on our driveway. Ketli had no intention of sitting there. I just wanted to try to get a perspective for size. The pile was about 6 feet high. Incredible amount of snow here in Hollis.

Ketli ran and ran and leaped and leaped every chance she had to get outside. What a trooper. What a Lab!


Mapping my Hikes


The phone app StepWalk has been fun to play with over the last month. It tracks my hikes and includes fun dog prints along the route. This is a screenshot of a hike in the town forest of Hollis, NH which is right out my back door. In the winter when I have Hike a Pup dogs I cut through the woods off trail in big loops that only I can figure out! For a while the swamp which is usually impassable was covered in smooth ice all the way to the edges. Over years of hiking I have battled that swamp in deep snow, mush and the risk of sinking deep into muck. I love adding it to winter hiking because being in the open with sunny, blue skies for part of the hike is pure pleasure.

I also tried Runtastic during the same hike. I was cutting across a swamp for a large part of the hike and you can’t really see that in either map.


Hike a Pup

Hike a Pup Pet Care…a wonderful day exploring fields and woods and even swamps. Featured today..Ketli, my own chocolate Labrador retriever.



Ketli, aka  SHR Riverview’s Bucket List Hope JH, CGC, exploring the early New Hampshire ice. Ketli is 18 months old and will have all her clearances for breeding done this spring with the hope of summer puppies..chocolates and blacks.


More photos of Ketli to come. If you want to know more contact me at hikeapup 

Fog Globe


This is my Christmas present from my daughter who moved to San Francisco. The iconic Golden Gate bridge… Perfect for this New England Christmas!


Thank you Jeanette. Enjoy your first California Christmas.

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