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Tent Camp in the Sands of Morocco

March 8, 2014

Our meal tent is to the left. Each tent contained two twin beds and a toilet area which consisted of a toilet bowl with a pail of water and a scoop to “flush” the toilet. All paper needed to be placed in a bucket (no top) next to the toilet to be emptied each day by the staff.

When we first got there I wondered where the shower was… there was water on the roof from a storm the night before so I assumed we had to push the roof up and somehow get the water to flow over us to shower… ( I am glad that I did not mention that idea to our travel mates) Not so… if you wanted to shower you let the staff know so that they could make sure there was enough water in a tank. And if you were lucky there had been enough sun that day to collect warm water… not so with us.. there was a sandstorm preventing solar heating and preventing any lighting in the camp on our second night. We fumbled around with a tiny, tiny penlight and I resorted to using my tablet as a light ( yes.. I brought a tablet to the desert to read at night and to try to use a constellation app. to enjoy the starry nights out in the desert…) More to say about that too!

And as I mentioned in a previous post.. the desert was really, really cold at night. With no heat and only one hot water bottle each we had two long nights out there. The first morning I got up in quite the state of grouchiness and trudged to breakfast wrapped in every piece of clothing I had brought to the desert and had worn to bed. I could not get myself to change into other clothes in the tent while I was freezing, freezing, freezing…

And if you ask my husband.. I am usually way too hot and turning the heat off in our New Hampshire home over the winter. So for me to complain about cold was an extraordinarily unusual occurrence. (and I did not complain.. I just dragged myself into the meal tent for coffee wrapped like a mummy before I tried to chat with everyone) 

Part of the adventure was the cold and the lack of water and the lack of heat and the lack of lighting. The desert would not have been the desert without our incredible camp experience. It was the best part of our trip and I would go back in a flash. I might just try to figure even another way to stay warm at night. ( like asking my husband for his hot water bottle which he ended up throwing out onto the floor without offering it to me. Ugh.)



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  1. Oh… Sam claims that it was 5:00 in the morning and the water bottle was lukewarm when he tossed it out of his bed. The ridiculous thing is that he was so warm and I was still struggling to stay warm at that time. I am the one who normally throws the covers off at home so he had no idea that I was cold.

    I wore 2 shirts, a jacket, a down vest, a hat, a scarf, mittens, socks, thermal underwear and pants to bed…and I added 3 instant hand warmers I had packed. They were lukewarm and lost amongst the tangled, falling off blankets in the morning. The second night I tucked everything in so tightly so I would not be struggling with cold air creeping in due to wayward blankets.

  2. Sam and Meg Hardy permalink

    Nice post… With 4 thick blankets, I didn’t find the bed too cold. But it was indeed cold and awkward going to the bathroom at night. And I really did enjoy a long warm shower at our next accommodation.

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