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Hudson River Valley Road Trip with my Labrador Puppy

November 14, 2013
Storm King Art Center near Newburgh, NY and West Point in the Hudson River Valley

Storm King Art Center near Newburgh, NY and West Point in the Hudson River Valley

New York State Trip 171

Lots of golds and yellows in the Hudson River Valley on October 21st. Did not see all the reds that New England has. But actually this year we were short of reds too.

New York State Trip 147

View of the Hudson River Valley from a trail at Olana State Historic Site.

New York State Trip 358

Hudson River Valley in October 2013

New York State Trip 119

My Labrador puppy, Ketli, pausing for a moment as I snapped photos of the view from Olana.

New York State Trip 101

One of the view bridges over the Hudson River in this area. It takes planning to travel to a specific destination. It seemed I was crossing bridges multiple times over the first three days because I stayed on the west bank.

New York State Trip 033

Saugerties, NY. Our fist night we went over to a small park on the river. It was too dark to enjoy the foliage but the reflection in this spot was brilliant.

New York State Trip 034

Saugerties, NY Hudson River Valley west bank.

New York State Trip 032

Saugerties , NY again

Moonlight on our hike near the Vanderbilt mansion, Hyde Park, NY

Moonlight on our hike near the Vanderbilt mansion, Hyde Park, NY

Our recent trip to the Hudson River Valley was exhausting. I decided to try my hand at solo travel with a young puppy. I set aside four days which included three nights of motel stays. Besides all the time she would have to spend in her crate in the car I worried about her behavior and sleeping ability in motel rooms. Would she bark? Would she damage the rooms? Would she have any accidents during the moments I left her out of her crate? Would she sleep a reasonable number of hours or would I be awake for three nights straight?

Answers: She did fine with the many hours in her crate because she has a fairly calm personality and has been crate trained and expected to spend time in a crate even when things are happening all around her. She did not bark. She did not have accidents. She did no damage. She slept straight through the night and did not get up in the morning until I got back from breakfast. (I put her in the darkest corner possible and as far away from my bed as possible in the first motel and put her in the closet in the second hotel!)

More about this trip in another blog. I recommend a trip to this area if you are a lover of nature or historic buildings. The Hudson River School of artists started the great American art movement in this valley. If you are a Franklin D. or Eleanor Roosevelt fan you should allow two days just for those sites in Hyde Park. And don’t worry about bringing a dog along. Just allow enough time to hike the trails on these magnificent estates with your dog. You will have to ask for maps. Sadly the trails are not considered a highlight in this area.

  1. Ketli looks great in this photo how is she doing? Meg I am Florida with the girls this time of year showing one of my yellow girls Kate. Have a Merry Christmas. Pat

  2. Elsa Primal Pooch permalink

    Well done Ketli. Looks like you had a great time. I’ve not traveled far from home yet as I get car sick but we are going to the north of England at Christmas to visit family of my people. We are planning several walk breaks on the journey.

    • Sounds like fun. Some of my mom’s people don’t really want to meet me so I don’t get to go to all family events. My mom is sad about that because she is so proud of me and loves me beyond reason.

  3. Anonymous permalink

    I’ll have to go there as your travel buddy in the future – sounds fun.

  4. Seems as though everyone goes to Vermont, and few people cross the Hudson into New York.

    I’ve wanted to go to Storm King to see Andy Goldsworthy’s stone wall. It’s made from the remains of some old farm stone walls that were on the grounds. It winds around trees, and ramps down into a pond and back up out the other side.

    • Did not see that one. I was short on time because I went to the FDR library and did a hike at Val-kill ( Eleanor’s small home set away in the woods from the FDR childhood home first. We had to drive back to NH that night) I could have spent five more days in the region.

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