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What did I do wrong?

October 15, 2013
October 2013 Upload good camera (Canon) 566

Ketli the dark chocolate Lab puppy: aka Riverview’s Bucket List Hope


Learning to retrieve at Winnepesaukee in New Hampshire.

October 2013 Upload good camera (Canon) 541

Yes, I climb on top of sculptures to get a drink of water with my friend Katie. Andres Institute of Art in Brookline, NH.


A day trip to Portland Maine. Mom and Dad took me out to Macworth Island for a hike.


I am finally getting my 10 year old brother, Cabot, to play with me.


Time for hunting vests in New Hampshire.


I love my toys.


I am pretty little in this photo. Meg took me out hiking as soon as she brought me home to New Hampshire.


I had only been home for 5 days when Meg and Sam took me to meet my older human sister, Jeanette. We took a ferry to Peak’s Island and this little girl wanted to hug me the whole way.

Woodmont Orchard Second Day

Woodmont Orchard Second Day home. I am glad I get to run in orchards.


I look so little and so exhausted here. But really, I was only taking a break for about 3 minutes and then I was up and running with Emma and Cabot again.


Pooped out. This was during my first week at home. I hiked outside and then played and played and played on our deck and in the family room. Sometimes I just got tuckered out suddenly and sprawled out to take a snooze.

What did I do wrong?.  I am trying to share a funny blog that I just read about a black Lab getting into mischief in a public situation. I am not sure if this will work but I plan to hit the publish button. I hope you enjoy  the post and also get a laugh. Ketli sure is proving to be a little mischief maker in Hollis, NH.

  1. Meg Downey Hardy permalink

    Thank you so much. I will try to get to the requirements for your the award this week. But nothing is guaranteed with a puppy like Ketli. Yesterday I had to wade up to my waist in water to rescue a Dog Disc that neither Emma or Ketli would get. Ketli swam out with me and grabbed it once we got out there. Too late I was sopping wet. Luckily I don’t mind cold water because the temperature is dropping fast in New Hampshire. I appreciate your nomination.

  2. Such a cute puppy! I am so jealous and can’t wait to get a puppy!! Looks like he’s having lots of fun!

    • Meg Downey Hardy permalink

      Thanks. I am crazy to get one at my age when I already have two older dogs. But my kids guessed I would get a third when the last of them left the nest. It’s the mother/teacher in me.

  3. I have nominated you for the Liebster Award because of your up and coming blog. 🙂 I really enjoy what you have written. I have posted 10 questions on my blog that you must answer to receive your award. There are also these requirements as well:
    Here are the rules for accepting the nomination:

    You must link back to the person who nominated you

    You must answer the 10 Liebster questions given to you by the nominee before you

    You must pick 10 bloggers who have less than 200 followers to be nominated for the award

    You must devise 10 questions for your nominees to answer

    You must go to their blogs to nominate them

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