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Andres Institute of Art Sculpture Park on Big Bear Mountain, NH

October 11, 2013

In Southern NH just over the MA border you will find this fantastic sculpture park that is dog friendly. It is on Route 13 in Brookline, NH on the slopes of an old ski area, Big Bear Mountain.
October 2013 Upload good camera (Canon) 460

The Institute’s website is full of information and you can print out a map or download an audio guide telling about many of the sculptures to carry with you on your mobile. Don’t worry if you forget you can find printed maps at the kiosk in the parking lot.

October 2013 Upload good camera (Canon) 462

The Andres Institute of Art hosts a symposium late each summer for sculptors from all over the world and the unveiling of the new sculptures installed on the many trails from summit to base takes place in October.

October 2013 Upload good camera (Canon) 463

I was there for two hours today and I hardly made a dent in seeing the 70+ sculptures. You may need to plan a few visits to this sculpture park with your dogs. They are open year round and welcome dogs on all trails and bikes and snowmobiles on certain trails.

October 2013 Upload good camera (Canon) 472

October 2013 Upload good camera (Canon) 473

October 2013 Upload good camera (Canon) 483

October 2013 Upload good camera (Canon) 481

October 2013 Upload good camera (Canon) 486

October 2013 Upload good camera (Canon) 495

October 2013 Upload good camera (Canon) 508

October 2013 Upload good camera (Canon) 509

October 2013 Upload good camera (Canon) 524

October 2013 Upload good camera (Canon) 525

October 2013 Upload good camera (Canon) 531

Look at my last post to see more sculptures exhibited on trails on the mountain’s slopes. Don’t worry. You will not be facing a Mount Monadnock hike or White Mountain climb. You can get to the top of this little mountain in about a half hour. The trail map gives estimated times for various named, color-coded loops on the mountainside. I have hiked at the Andres Art Institute for about 10 years and since I tend to take the perimeter trail up the mountain I stop at the same sculptures year after year. I realized today that I need to go back and get over to the other loops on the mountain because according to the map I have at least 30 sculptures that I have not seen yet.

This excellent dog-friendly hiking location grows and evolves each year so you never get sick of it. Come on up to southern New Hampshire and spend some time at the Andres Institute. This Granite State hiking trail site is a surprise that many locals have not even discovered yet. Don’t be a hiker (especially with a dog) who misses out. Come on up to southern New Hampshire to enjoy the Andres Institute with your family, your dog, your bike … or on your snowshoes this winter.

  1. keltie – you are a cutie. look forward to watching you grow up!

    • Thanks. Meg tells me about your life and your antics. I wish I could meet you. We could have lots of fun together.

      • Yes we could but I think I’m a bit of a long plane ride away for you:)

      • Yes. Ruby. Meg just told me of your adventure in Sydney Harbor and your rescue. Meg gets pretty soggy rescuing my toys sometimes. So far I have not floated away in a current myself. She also said that you were scared by a sculpture at Bondi Beach. She was there last summer before I lived here. She loves Australia. But I agree with you. I don’t understand some sculptures that Meg seems to love. I only like them when there is a depression in them holding rainwater that I can drink when I am thirsty.

  2. To the recent comment… I needed to translate your comment to English from Japanese before I posted it and four translator programs could not translate the whole phrase. So please re-post it in English if you would like me to include your comment. Thanks for trying.

  3. Meg Downey Hardy permalink

    Yes. I just hope they realize that the place has prided itself for being dog-friendly. Dog owners would not spend as much time there if their dogs were not welcome. It is one of my reasons for loving the place.

  4. Sam permalink

    So you’ve divulge your little secret. After your glowing review, I suspect the trails will be swarmed with hikers. ;^)

  5. Meg Downey Hardy permalink

    Dear Readers, My husband told me that there is no such expression as under the cuff… So of course I had to prove to him that I had not just pulled it out of thin air. At I found that it means behind someone’s back. Yes, I was wrong. I guess I should have said I have kept it to myself… My husband just chimed in, “like a favorite fishing hole”. Yes, it is on my top special hiking discoveries made with a group of women hikers years ago.

  6. No, I am not being paid to publicize for the institute. I just love it so much and I am finally willing to share it with other people. I have kept it under the cuff so it would not get crowded (especially with hikers who do not like dogs) Stop back to my blog because I will share more information and photos of the sculptures over the next few months. I plan to go back and see those sculptures that I keep missing by sticking to a particular set of trails that I love so much. Oh, I forgot to mention that the dogs love swimming in the quarries and they are a nice place for pups to cool off during hot weather.

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