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No Name no Longer, Our Puppy has a Name.

August 12, 2013


Tah tah tah dah/// The puppy has a name… approved by all family members.

Her AKC name will be Riverview’s Bucket List Hope (or Dream TBD) because she meets the requirements of one of the items in my Bucket List.

We will call her Ketli to use three letters from “bucket” and two letters from “list”.
My bucket list item: “I hope to find a female Labrador retriever who can be bred so that I will have the experience of whelping and raising a couple of litters of newborn Labrador retrievers.”

Last summer I realized that I wanted to have the experience of breeding a Labrador retriever. The mom in me wants to experience being the midwife during the birthing process and the teacher/mom in me wants to be the one to offer the best environment possible for the puppies to develop during their first eight weeks.

And Bucket List at my age does mean I have limited time. So I need to get to the items on the list before I can’t do them any longer. The past year has had its ups and downs. But more about that and breeding in a future post.

So two years from now after Ketli has passed all health clearances I may have lots of little Ketli and Bucket puppies romping, rolling and wrestling in my house and yard. Aren’t you supposed to put items on your bucket list that you really want to experience but are a little afraid to do?


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  1. Sam permalink

    I tried to LIKE this post but WordPress asks me to login. I do not have a WordPress account and do not plan to get one. Maybe I am still allowed to write comments. Anyway, I love the name Ketli. She is a cutie. These photos make her look older than she is.

  2. There have been problems posting today. In fact I might need to figure out if there is a phantom post that has no photos or words up on the blog. So I posted this with the second photo not quite right. I did not want to risk another post going buggy. Let’s hope that what I see is what you see.

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