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Puppy Insecurity

July 30, 2013
Woodmont Orchard Second Day

Woodmont Orchard Second Day

So I am going to be vulnerable here… telling you about my new puppy insecurities. I figure that some of you may be facing this and so hearing my questions to a vet friend who stayed by my side during the past year’s ups and downs of the puppy hunt might be reassuring. Here is the email that I just sent to him on day 4. More photos to follow.

Matt, Now I am in the throws of puppy motherhood.

I am trying to put photos of her up on Facebook ( which I hate) and my blog at WordPress. WHEN I get an album together on Picassa I will be sure to include you in the link.

Suggestions on puppy cleaning… wiping off, baths? She has not shown a pure abandon and love for water yet. But she is getting dirty on our ventures.

Lots of Outdoor Time which means sometimes she does not have that sweet puppy smell... But she likes getting rubbed down with a wet rag especially when she is hot.

Lots of outdoor time which means sometimes she does not have that sweet puppy smell… But she likes getting rubbed down with a wet rag especially when she is hot.

She does nap in her crate in the family room. This is the room I have fenced off for puppy proofing. Toys and odd items to explore while I can see her. Bedtime in crate in cellar. I figured if she was used to that I should keep it up for now. I have a monitor on so I can hear her cry.

Vet here recommended limited contact with other puppies til 12 or 16 weeks your thoughts? I will get her together with a couple of my long time hiking dogs on a limited basis as she gains stamina and

Puppy ideas welcome. I figure I have a good gut and I do have experience and knowledge but in the midst of it all I question myself…and Sam is away this week.

Monks of New Skete offer different ideas than others so the many books I am looking at are contradictory. They usurp my confidence that I can do this right. For example. The monks say to shake keys when you feed them and then that sound can be used for other commands and positive reward. BUT honestly, my keys are not very loud and when do I have them out in the real world? A whistle instead? I will not do a clicker. It will just get lost around the house or in the woods.

I would like to do field training with her and I do not want to start habits that are a detriment to that type of work

Long winded, I know. Just grabbing the time I have while she naps in her crate next to me.



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  1. Eliz permalink

    You’ll be a great puppy mom — you’ve done it before and I’m sure you will do a wonderful job again! And that photo at the end is ADORABLE!!! Love you xo

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