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Green Blob Thingie Seed Pod?

June 9, 2013


Help. What is this mysterious green, gelatinous globe seed pod, flower, fruit? In May and June I find them on the ground. I have never seen them still attached to their tree. So I am including a photo with two types of leaves from trees right above this one that I found this spring. They are often lying on the ground alone.. I have only found one group these green, dotted balls lying around over a period of about five years.

These mystery balls are the bane of my existence every spring. I have hunted through filed guide books and on- line resources. I have not submitted a photo to anyone to identify for me yet I was hoping one of you might know.




The acorn in the photo may or may not be from the same tree. It is from last autumn. Send me a photo if you have one of the green thingies still hanging in a tree. Thanks!

  1. Peter, This is the only Hawthorn tree that listed. It grows in the right zone for New Hampshire but the green blobby thing tree does not have flowers like this.

  2. Sam permalink

    Leave it to you to bring home green blob thingies from hikes year after year until you figure out what they are!

    • Yes. Pretty persistent to the point of obsession sometimes. I have others on my, “What the heck is this? I can not find it in a field guide,” list. Stay tuned for the elusive purple mushroom.

  3. Thanks Peter. I will try it. I swear I looked up Hawthorne trees but I will try again as I respect your suggestions.

  4. The website might help. The oval shaped leaf looks like a Hawthorne to me, but I’m no expert!

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